Managing Myopia: Tools for your Team

Managing Myopia: Tools for your team

An online course for your myopia management team 

 Would you enjoy not having to train staff? 

  • Would you like to actually have a lunch break rather than train newcomers? 
  • With staff turnover do some staff never get thoroughly trained? 
  • Do you hear your staff give wrong answers from time to time and you cringe? 
  • Would you like your staff to be more enthusiastic about myopia management? 
  • Would you like your office to stand out as super competent? 

 If you answered YES, Tools For Your Staff is your salvation. This program has 17 training videos, each takes about 20 minutes to view (and can be repeated over and over). There is a self-test after each video. When the series is complete, the staff member gets a prominent certificate of completion.  

What does it cost? 

Yearly subscription  

  • $199 IAOMC members 
  • $350 non-members 

 What does the Tools for Your Team subscription include? 

  • Use of the link for the entire office for one year. Renew annually. Modules will be updated annually.  


  • You have covered the cost if one trained staff converts a Myopia Management patient to enroll in your program. The rest is a bonus.  


  • Perfect preparation to attain the CMN (Certified Myopia Navigator).


Authors of the Videos Are:

Caroline Guerrero Cauchi, OD, FIAOMC, IACMM

Nazia Maredia, OD, IACMM 

Marie Homa-Palladino, OD, FIAOMC 

Dwight Barnes, OD, FIAOMC, IACMM 

Crystal Swahn, CMN