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Benefits of Membership

By becoming a member of AAOMC you can list your practice in our directory, be part of a supportive community, attend events, and enjoy exclusive discounts. You can also access valuable resources such as a library of training videos.

Joining can help you stay ahead of the curve and position yourself for long-term success in optometry and myopia care.

• Myopia Control Resources
• AAOMC Google Group access
• Practice Listing in our Online Doctor Finder
• Discounts on AAOMC Events and Products
• Certificate of Membership
• Accreditation for Career Advancement

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Myopia Control Resources

The AAOMC has many different resources available to its members. These resources include:
• Quarterly Newsletter
• The Corrected View Podcasts
• Recommended files and forms
• Marketing Tips
• AAOMC Grand Rounds Project (coming soon)
• Sponsored content (coming soon)
• Standard of Care Guidelines (coming soon)

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AAOMC Google Group

Connect with top fitters and experts through our Google Group, bringing you cutting edge fitting updates, troubleshooting tips, references for current publications, practice management tips and so much more!

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Practice Listing in our Online Doctor Finder


Help patients find you with one of the top search tools for myopia management and orthoK. Just one referral from this AAOMC Doctor Search Tool pays for your membership+++ for one year. Bonus, our members use this when they have a patient who is relocating.


“I’m always honored when I get referrals from other great myopia management doctors. How do they find me? The Doctor Locator. How do I find other docs if I have a patient moving? The Doctor Locator. It makes it easy and it makes sense.”

– Cheryl Chapman, OD, FIAOMC

“The AAOMC doctor locator has been a great tool for our practice and our patients. When patients move or travel for an extended period of time, I feel confident that I can give them a referral to an excellent doctor who can maintain their expected level of orthok/Myopia management care. In addition other practices are easily able to find me for referrals for their patients, it has been a win-win!”

– Anith Pillai OD

“Actually, I have a patient that is moving to Florida. Just found out today. I tend to only use the aaomc doctor search as I’d like to keep the patients within the academy family of doctors. Huge benefit.”

– Jonathan Skoner, OD FIAOMC

“Not only the doctors in US but also the across the world, international affiliates of IAOMC group, the members are connected for referral. I always mention the benefits of international and domestic referral services at the time of MC consultation visit. This is the utmost benefit of the membership.”

– Somi Oh, OD, FIAOMC

“Patients move. A lot it seems. I can’t tell you how many times I have used the doctor locator to refer patients to other AAOMC members across the country. I have received many in return as well. This is a major benefit to membership.”

– Paul Levine, OD, FIAOMC 

Discounts on AAOMC Events and Products

Full members receive discounts on our meetings, events and products.
• Webinars
• Meeting and Event Discounts
• Online store and product discounts

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Certificate of Membership

This certificate identifies you as a member of the AAOMC, showing your devotion to myopia control, orthokeratology and combating the myopia epidemic. Proudly display your certificate of membership to increase your credibility with your patients.

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Accreditation for Career Advancement

As an AAOMC member, you have the opportunity to sit for certification in myopia management, by earning your IACMM and Fellowship (FIAOMC).

  • IACMM is the prestigious certification in myopia management. Show your patients that you have taken extra training to manage myopia. The doctor finder provides a link to all IACMM

FIAOMC denotes the highest level of expertise in the field of myopia control. The doctor finder provides a prominent link for all FIAOMCs.