Certified Myopia Management Navigator (CMN)

Certified Myopia Management Navigator (CMN)

The Certified Myopia Management Navigator (CMN) designation is an accreditation offered by the American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control (AAOMC) to individuals seeking to develop a basic understanding of myopia management and orthokeratology. This program is designed for eyecare professionals who are interested in incorporating myopia management techniques into their practice and helping to slow down the progression of myopia in their patients. The CMN program provides a foundation in the principles and practices of myopia management and orthokeratology, including the use of specialized contact lenses to correct or slow down the progression of myopia. By completing the CMN program, individuals can gain valuable knowledge and skills that can enhance their practice and improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of Certification

  • Provides validation of competency to your patients, the public, and your colleagues.
  • Use of the designation CMN.
  • Prominent certificate updated annually.
  • Guaranteed to increase your knowledge of myopia management techniques.

Who Is Eligible?

Any paraprofessional involved in myopia management


Premium staff membership in the AAOMC in good standing.
(Must have attended staff Bootcamp – in-person or virtual)

CMN Certification Process

Staff Bootcamp online or in-person.
Pass the certification test with 85% or higher

  • Test taken at candidates cost
  • Test given by group Zoom
  • Test given at VBD


Application Fee $50

(Includes one repeat test)

Yearly Renewal

AAOMC Staff membership in good standing

No additional annual renewal fee.

CMN Certificate