How to Apply




III. How To Apply


  • Must provide proof of fitting 50 cases. A minimum of 40 must be orthoK-overnight or day wear but the remainder may be interesting myopia control cases.
  • Must have been an IOAMC member for the last 2 continuous years
  • Must have attended one IAOMC section meeting within the last 3 years
  • Must have attended Ortho-K Bootcamp
  • Must own and use a topographer
  • If candidates employ trial or empirical fitting, must be able to perform ortho-K with a minimum of 2 different ortho-K companies
  • If the candidate is a member of the IAOMC-Asia, they must hold the rank of SIAOA (senior member of the IAOAMC-Asia) before they may apply to take the FIAOMC test.

If you meet the above mandatory prerequisites, submit your application and case #1 abstract to your section fellowship chair.


Send completed forms to:

Section Chair Email
AAOMC Jonathan Skoner & Sherman Tung
Eurok Jaume Pauné & Juan Bolívar
IAOA Xiao Michelle Yang
OSO Shonit Jagmohan
BIPOK Nitesh Barot
ALOMC Caroline Cauchi
AOC-AOMC Caroline Cauchi
If your section does not have a chair, or you don’t belong to a defined section contact Caroline Cauchi (IAOMC Fellowship chair)