EyeSpace Advanced Training Track

EyeSpace advanced training will consist of two tracks on the Tuesday prior to Vision By Design.   The am track will be for beginner and novice users.  The afternoon track will be for advanced users. 

Speakers:  Charl Laas, Optometrist/Owner, EyeSpace & Jagrut Lallu, Optometrist/Owner, EyeSpace 

Cost: $100 

Registration:  Email Daren Darennygren@gmail.com to register. 

Light refreshments will be served.


Charl Laas, Optometrist/Owner, EyeSpace

Charl Laäs is an experienced optometrist, lecturer, and director with a special interest in fitting, troubleshooting, and manufacturing specialty contact lenses. He has presented internationally on various topics such as overnight orthokeratology, keratoconus, and scleral lenses. Currently, he serves as a technical lens consultant for Corneal Lens Corporation in New Zealand. Additionally, he holds a director position at Innovatus Technology, a medical device company that develops EyeSpace specialty contact lens fitting software and products.

Jagrut Lallu, Optometrist/Owner, EyeSpace 

Jagrut graduated with Honours and a host of undergraduate awards from the University of Auckland in 2009, that same year he began working for Visique Rose Optometrists – Home of the Rose K lens, in Hamilton, New Zealand. He has a special interest in irregular cornea, disease, and orthokeratology including Hyperopic, astigmatic, and myopia control Ortho-K. He has relished learning the art of contact lens fitting from his colleagues Paul Rose and Peter Walker. In late 2009 he set up the first myopia control clinic in New Zealand devoted to evidence-based methods for management. He has become an owner of Rose Optometry and Innovatus Technology which provides services to practitioners and manufacturers for rigid contact lens design through topography. In 2017 he received a Master’s degree with Honours for specialty contact lenses and orthokeratology from the University of Auckland. Specific areas of interest include keratoconus and orthokeratology. He has co-authored a textbook entry for a chapter on corneal topography and has created online virtual learning modules with Deakin University. He is a clinical Senior Lecturer at the Deakin School of Optometry and is currently publishing on a variety of topics related to Orthokeratology and machine learning.